Craft & Cocktails Elsewhere: Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Martini

December 15, 2015

Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Gin Martini // for Jojotastic.comRecently, my husband and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco, The Progress, and had a seat at the bar. Despite being one of the hardest places to get a table at at the moment, we find it easy peasy to walk-in and go right to the beautiful bar. Their cocktail program is out of this world and you select your food via a scantron-like, choose your own adventure style menu! We ordered a few dishes, vs. the prix fixe version at the tables, and a couple drinks and call it a successful date night!

Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Gin Martini // for Jojotastic.comOne of the drinks we selected there was a martini that changed martinis for me. Savory, herbal and oily- yes oily! Usually this is not a good descriptor, especially in drinks, but this time it equals perfection. They smoked up some olive juice and added olive oil in the martini- crazy good! It enhanced the olive flavor with out the extra brine and the olive oil added a lovely texture that just isn’t there in a regular stirred martini (the ONLY way you should be making a martini!).

Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Gin Martini // for jojotastic.comI knew I had to create a version for myself at home and thus the Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Dirty Martini was born! I was a little perplexed at how the heck to smoke olive juice (I have since figured out a possible way) so I decided to smoke a rosemary stalk and infuse that into olive oil to create an herbal olive oil peppered with smokey flavor. YUM! I definitely got brownie points with the hubs for making this one at home!

Get the recipe over on Jojotastic so you can make this perfect potent potable too!

Smoked Rosemary Olive Oil Gin Martini // for

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  • Reply Ginny January 16, 2016 at 9:12 am

    What a sophisticated mix, and I love the glass. I’m looking for glasses like this – can you tell me where you found it, and what this kind of glass is called?

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