• paloma 3

    Smoking Rose Paloma with Q Drinks

    Ever look at your home bar and have no clue what to make? Me too! No seriously, sometimes I can’t come up with a single cocktail to mix up. Thank goodness for great cocktail mixers! Gone…

    February 23, 2017
  • Banana coconut margarita slider image

    Banana Coconut Margarita

      A tropical take on the classic Marg recipe. I can just see myself with a floppy hat on, watching the waves + sipping on this Banana Coconut Margarita, can’t you?! The tiki umbrella definitley helps…

    February 22, 2017
  • Blood Orange Mezcal Sherry Cobbler cocktail | Craft & Cocktails (craftandcocktails.com)

    Blood Orange Mezcal Sherry Cobbler

    Sherry Cobblers are a classic cocktail. Nutty sherry combined with ripe berries, citrus, and a bit of sugar. Simple yet so satisfying. Replacing some of the sherry with mezcal creates a quaffable drink that’s…

    February 9, 2017
  • Peat Repeat cocktail with scotch and blood orange juice | recipe on Craft + Cocktails (craftandcocktails.co)

    Peat Repeat scotch cocktail

    A smokey concoction laced with herbal benedictine. Blood orange juice and honey syrup give it some sweetness while aromatic bitters add spice and of course a bitter component. Peat Repeat cocktail 2 oz smokey scotch (I…

    January 27, 2017
  • Breakfast Bramble cocktail recipe

    Craft + Cocktails Best of 2016!

    Happy New Year all my lovely readers! Here’s hoping 2017 is lightyears better than 2016. It was a rough year for me (more on that soon), but there was also some great highlights like..oh…

    January 3, 2017
  • Blood Orange & Elderflower Sparkler | craftandcocktails.co

    Blood Orange & Elderflower Sparkler

    A citrusy cocktail with bubbly champagne and floral elderflower liqueur. Blood orange are in season December-April so nows the perfect time to mix with these crimson fruits! Blood Orange & Elderflower Sparkler 4 oz…

    December 31, 2016
  • Lillet & Bubbly cocktails | craftandcocktails.co

    Lillet & Bubbly

     A sparkling, refreshing cocktail for celebrating featuring Lillet + champagne. It’s a great and simple alternative to a plain glass of bubbly. Cointreau and the oil from the lemon add a fragrant citrus notes…

    December 27, 2016
  • minted-new-years-2-of-2-copy-2

    Rosemary French 75

    A take on the classic French 75, this cocktail has rosemary to give it woody, herbaceous notes that are great for fall and winter. A rosemary simple syrup plays well with both the botanicals…

    December 27, 2016