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  • Strawberry Tarragon Smash recipe

    No Body Has Time for Shrubs I am admittedly an inpatient person. Although I hold space and patience for other people, waiting for things to happen, infusions or untangle a twisted necklace, not one…

    September 8, 2021
  • Apple Cider Doughnut Old Fashioned

    DOUGNUTS Cakey, crumbly, cinnamony Apple Cider Doughnuts are a thing of beauty. Some of my fondest memories when I was little was visiting the local farms in south Jersey in the fall. Wandering through…

    December 11, 2019
  • Apple Cider Syrup for Cocktails

    An apple cider syrup made for mixing into cocktails to add a hint of warming baking spices scented with apple. Apple cider is used in place of water in this syrup which punches up…

    December 11, 2019