Coffee Old Fashioned

May 29, 2019
Coffee Old Fashioned

Can not decide between a coffee buzz or a boozy buzz on a late night out or in burning the midnight oil? This coffee cocktails is for you! I mixed up this Coffee Old Fashioned with a coffee liqueur which rounds out the sharp bitterness of coffee, bourbon, and two types of bitters topped with coffee beans and orange peel. The orange oil from the peel and the coffee hit all the right olfactory senses, it’s heaven.

The coffee liqueur I used is Mr. Black’s. Using the cold method, this coffee spirit is robust, but not bitter, sweet but farm from cloying and does not have any flavor additives like many other coffee liqueurs which makes it’s pure coffee flavor easy to work with in any scenario you need a coffee kick in your drink.

Get the full recipe for my Coffee Old Fashioned on Sugar & Cloth


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