Cranberry Spiced Clarified Milk Punch

Clarifying cocktails is not new around here. Well, on Craft & Cocktails anyway. If you are new here you may not quite know what clarified cocktails are, no worries here is a break down of the science behind the magic. We are heading to my best friends families home for Thanksgiving this year and on cocktail duty, naturally. Along with cozy mulled wine, I am serving up this delicious Cranberry Spiced Clarified Milk Punch! I wanted to do batched cocktails ahead of time to make things easier day of as well as not be underfoot shaking cocktails in the kitchen as the meal is being prepped. It’s a mixed crowd as far as tastes go so I didn’t want to bring bitter, booze forward drinks like a Boulevardier or an Old Fashioned. These are easy to batch of course because they are all booze and can actually sit around for a long time in jar in your bar. I wanted a citrus and cranberry drink which normally should be made either right before or shaken a la minute to preserve the fresh juice flavor. In these cases, I turn to clarifying, a.k.a. milk washing, the cocktail.    Clarifying does make … Continue reading Cranberry Spiced Clarified Milk Punch